Of the new single, Killing Cartisano, AKA Roberta Cartisano, says

”A craze. Sky Stolen it’s a sane craze, with my male and female archetypes playing with each other. Look at her, the main character of the clip, it reminds me of Almodovar’s women, balanced between masculine and feminine traits. I wrote each and every part of it, from drums to strings, it was a magical, feverish moment. All of the many me(s) are in this song: the bass player, synth addict running with wolves meets the classical piano memories, in the place where folks meets southern Italy. Once in San Francisco, George (the co-producer) turned the song into something much more rock and aggressive, he didn’t spare on the baritone side of the spectrum. Meanwhile Sonny (drums) and Lee (cello, violin, hardanger d’amore) engaged in what I could easily define as a full californication on my original arrangements.There’re many souls in this song, many more than the people who played in it.”

Sky Stolen was written and arranged by Roberta Cartisano and sees KC (vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, synth) joined by George S.Rosenthal (baritone guitar), Sonny Pearce (drums) and Lee Corbie-Wells (cello, violin, hardanger d’amore). The Sky Stolen video is a short animated movie entirely scripted, drawn, animated, directed and produced by K.C. herself, during the same emotional drunkenness which sparked the song

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