Killing Cartisano Vol.1.jpg

KC Vol.1

Produced by Roberta Cartisano & George S. Rosenthal, San Francisco (CA)

all songs written and arranged by R. Cartisano at Broken Toys Studio - PG (ITALY)

Recorded & Mixed by George S. Rosenthal at The Complex SF Recording Studio - San Francisco (CA)

Mastered by Jonathan Kirchner in San Francisco (CA)

Alto sax, alto and bass clarinet (Out of the box) Synth Jen (Trust Your Son recorded by R. Cartisano - Broken Toys Studio

Hysterical Ladies strings arranged by R. Cartisano and Francesco Leineri

KC vocals, bass, piano, el. piano, organ, ac. & el. guitars, 12 string ac. guitar, Nashville guitar, synthesizers, synth jen

GEORGE S. ROSENTHAL baritone and el. guitars (Trust Your Son, Sky Stolen) bass (Trust Your Son) Additional bass (Let Me Go), lead guitar (Milkshake) additional percussion (Time Never Dies, The Drunk Man)


LEE CORBIE-WELLS cello, violin, hardanger d’amore (Milkshake, Sky Stolen)

MARK NELSEN el. guitar (The Drunk Man)

BEN ANDREWS violin LEWIS PATZNER cello JACOB HANSEN-JOSEPH viola (Hysterical Ladies)

GIANFRANCO DE FRANCO alto sax, alto and bass clarinet (Out of the Box)

cover design, layout, photo by Roberta Cartisano

BRT005 (P) & (C) 2018 Roberta Cartisano


Back in 2016 i was in trouble. More than 60 angels gave me the courage to get back to my music. They gifted me faith light and love. Without them this album would not exist. Thank you guys. All the love i’ve felt is now on your chest. Don’t forget.’ KC