VIDEO PREMIERE: ‘Hysterical Ladies’ Live Room Session on XS NOIZE

On 22 February 2019 Killing Cartisano releases a special live version of ‘Hysterical Ladies’ from her new album ‘KC Vol. 1’.

Of Hysterical Ladies, Killing Cartisano, AKA Roberta Cartisano, says: “Hysterical Ladies is about New York and Paris’s attacks; It’s surreal conversation. I’m talking to New York and Paris as if they were such a beautiful ladies, wounded, confused and adrift. With the face dirty of dust and mascara.”

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Roberta Cartisano

Of the new single, Killing Cartisano, AKA Roberta Cartisano, says

A craze. Sky Stolen it's a sane craze, with my male and female archetypes playing with each other. Look at her, the main character of the clip, it reminds me of Almodovar's women, balanced between masculine and feminine traits. I wrote each and every part of it, from drums to strings, it was a magical, feverish moment. All of the many me(s) are in this song: the bass player, synth addict running with wolves meets the classical piano memories, in the place where folks meets southern Italy. Once in San Francisco, George (the co-producer) turned the song into something much more rock and aggressive, he didn't spare on the baritone side of the spectrum. Meanwhile Sonny (drums) and Lee (cello, violin, hardanger d’amore) engaged in what I could easily define as a full californication on my original arrangements.There’re many souls in this song, many more than the people who played in it.”

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Roberta CartisanoComment

The Drunk Man was born in two hours. Especially the lyrics rained on me in a so weird way. I was playing my bass without overthinking, that words drove me to sing with a lower tone with a vivid picture of Tom Waits in Domino’s movie in my head. A crushing mix between madness and holiness. I mean. Who doesn’t want to be saved from Tom Waits coming to you driving a broken-down Cadillac (in the nowhere of the desert) while “Jesus Gonna Be Here” plays in the distance? When I sent the album demo to George (S. Rosenthal, the co-producer), he proposed me to record it with a live studio session. So me, Mark (Nelsen, guitar) and Sonny (Pearce, drums) met at the Complex and recorded the song without having ever played it before together. In one hour or so, we had the final take and the video.”

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